MyoBlox: ILLA Sour Gummy

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It seems nowadays most recovery formulas are looking more and more like each other, but just end up telling a different story. When formulating ILLA®, we decided that will never be us. – Not now and not ever! Utilizing exclusive peptide technology from the eastern bloc and becoming more well known for our quality and unorthodox formulas, we proudly use a one of a kind recovery formula composed of micro-peptide infused fermented BCAA’s (Micraminos™). Packed with Himalayan pink salt, non-gmo coconut water powder and Albion® minerals (the worlds leader in mineral innovation) to keep your body hydrated for performance. ILLA® contains the highest quality of recovery and replenishing specific nutrients under one lid. Elevate stamina strength, muscle gains and recovery to the next level with ILLA®. Replenish. Rebuild. Recover.™

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