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EDD is your chance to take fitness and health to the next level. We know you work hard every day, grinding it out each time you hit the gym. Exercise matters, that can’t be denied, but do not ignore the benefits of filling your body with the ingredients it really needs.

Multivitamins are nothing new, for sure, but athletes in particular are in dire need of their daily dosages of vitamins and minerals. As you ramp up the intensity of your training sessions, your body rapidly depletes its stores, requiring a higher intake of resources to operate on that higher plane you strive to achieve. 

EDD also contains a signature blend of fruits and greens, all superfoods targeted at one thing: health.

We know you take your active lifestyle seriously, so why not also take the same level of dedication to your overall all state of wellness. Give your body the raw materials it needs to excel. Take care of the vessel of your destiny. Dedicate yourself to maximizing wellness… Every Damn Day.

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