Black Magic: BZRK Peach Rings

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7g of Citrulline Malate for Amplifying Nitric Oxide Production
3.2g of BetO patented Beta Alanine – Orotic Acid for Maximum Training Capacity
2.5g of GlycerPump for Maximal Muscle Volumization and Fullness

Good, Better, Best. That is how the game rolls in the world of sports nutrition and
when you’re looking for the top tier pre-workout in the game, BZRK from Black
Magic Supply has stood the test of time. Since it’s launch, it has been building its
legacy as one of the most intense pre-workout rides you’ll go on. Revamped for
today’s latest market, BZRK is hitting harder than ever and delivering serious
pumps to blow you up beyond your wildest dreams.

Key Benefits
Intense Pumps & Power Output
Elite Focus & Training Energy Formula
Enhanced Training Capacity & Recovery Rate

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