GEC: Nitroglide

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Nitroglide's synergistic joint formula increases joint lubrication, reduces inflammation, improves connective tissue support while stimulating cartilage function and synovial fluid.  This blend of crucial ingredients will aid in the repair and maintenance of overworked joints.  Bonding multiple pathways are used to target the problem.  Glucosamine Sulfate-responsible for joint fluid and lubrication that fuels the repair and upkeep; Ginger-known to help reduce inflammation; MSM-the building blocks of joints that maintain the structure of collagen and cartilage; Boswellia-shown to have positive effects on osteoarthritis, joint flexibility and health; Horsetail-a jack of many trades, used to help promote and raise bone density and flexibility by helping to absorb calcium, and by strengthening the connective tissues and cartilage; Hyaluronic Acid-one of the most powerful hydrating ingredients in existence that acts as a cushion and lubricant in the joints.

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