NutraKey: Caffeine 200mg 100ct

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NutraKey Caffeine Caps are 100% pure pharmaceutical grade with a high biological value due to their micronization. Caffeine has been used for many years now as a mental and metabolic stimulant. This allows you to have greater endurance and burn more fat calories.

Benefits of Caffeine:
- Powerful CNS Stimulator
- Increases mental faculty
- Increases muscle strength
- Energy Levels & Endurance
- Increases metabolism by freeing fatty acids, and forcing them to be burned1

Directions: Recommended Use: Healthy adults may take one 1 serving (200mg) as a dietary supplement to boost endurance and performance. DO NOT consume more than four 4 servings (800 mg) in a twenty-four (24) hour period. DO NOT consume more than the recommended dosage.

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