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Shipping & returns

Refund Policy

If an item was ordered by mistake and the customer would like a refund they can request a refund and ship back the mistakenly ordered product(s).  If the product is unopened and shipped back within 14 days Athletes' Nutrition will honor the return.  If this was a buyer mistake, the buyer will be responsible for paying the return postage on the item.  If it was the mistake of Athletes' Nutrition, we will cover any expenses.

If an item is damaged in shipping please take a picture of the item and send it in to Athletes' Nutrition along with a request for a refund or a request for Athletes' Nutrition to re-ship the product.  Athletes' Nutrition may request the item be shipped back, but if this is for a damaged item, Athletes' Nutrition will pay for the return fees.


Shipping and Handling

While most items will be received and shipped on the same or on the next business day, our policy is 2 days for shipping and handling. Shipping times will vary based on where the customer is located, but we are committed to ensuring you receive your purchase as soon as possible.  Faster deliveries can be requested by reaching out or by selecting a faster delivery method at checkout.  


Product Not Delivered

If the product was lost in shipment due to mistaken handling by the postal service, Athletes Nutrition will offer either a full refund or will re-ship the ordered products.  If the product was delivered to the wrong address due to the buyer entering the incorrect information, we will do our best to recover the package.  If we are able to, the buyer will only be charged whatever the cost of postage was.  If we are unable to recover the product the buyer will have to pay for us to re-ship all of the products.

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